Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More on Zayd's 2nd Birthday

Boy, if Aisyah knew Zayd had three consecutive airtime on this blog, she would be so jaded. She can read, but she is yet to know of this blog's existence hehe.

But she really wasn't as jealous as I had made her sound. She was quite willing to help last night, going out shopping with me - just the two of us girls, no Zayd, no Ayah - for food stuff and mini toys to put in Zayd's party pack which he will bring to his minder today. We even stopped by the bakery to get him a cake to take to the minder's too. Eh, didn't we say no more cake last entry? @_@

The party pack is just of something small, but a way for us to have Zayd celebrate with his friends. He's two years old, and probably won't remember much of his friends if we (or any one of them) were to move from the care of our beloved minder, but I know that through the minder's care, and with the interaction from the other children which she is caring for, did Zayd learn and acquire so much. He learned how to walk, talk, run, play, memorizing other children's names, laugh, gigit org, tgk Ultraman, the concept of sharing, and so much more with the group of friends under the same roof. So this is our way of saying thanking for being part of Zayd's developmental growth.

All right, here are some pics. Kakak was ever more the helpful packing things together for his brother. Zayd was being 'helpful' too. So last2 I gave him a few sticker and he went wild. Atas dahi sendiri pun tampal. 

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