Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nine Years On...

Today, 3 June 2014 we celebrated our 9th year of being husband and wife. I have never failed to be the one who reminded Hubs of this day, but this year, in the car on our way to work, he slipped a quick,'Happy Anniversary' wish to me. OMG, how had I forgotten?!!

We decided there and then that we'd have dinner out with the kids after work. Only problem, I had on my tattiest of Baju Kurung, and the kids, well, I'd packed them clothes that really only best suited for sleeping in.

Oh well. That's how we are. 

It was just a quickstop at Nando's. Like I said, the tattiest of clothes, the lot of us. What's important, we are together. And we had the time of our lives. Just check out this video of Zayd gobbling down his chicken wing. If that's not bliss, I don't know what is :P

But Hubs really made it extra special tonight. As I was finishing my meal, he took Zayd for a walk with him so that I could eat in peace with Aisyah. And they came back with roses. ROSES!!! This coming from a man who had once said he'd rather use the same amount of money to buy me Kebabs than roses (so that at least I'd feel full than waste it on dead flowers). I married the guy long enough to know that he's never been very much of romantic romeo (more of a straight to the point, no nonsense type) and I kinda accepted it (after nine years, why fight over it). So imagine how much this has totally surprised me! Nine years on and roses! I guess there's always hope, ladies :)

Happy Anniversary, Hubs. May Allah bless our family always, in wealth and in health, happily together forever.

Taylor Swift's sums it up pretty nicely, 

Well you drive me crazy half the time;

the other half I'm only trying to let you know that what I feel is true.
And I'm only me when I'm with you....'   *rips out massive fart*

Okay, so we're not really a romantic bunch, us lot LOL!!!

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