Monday, January 20, 2014


Feeling2 housewife berjaya gitu sbb hari ni amik EL, jaga Zayd. He had a viral infection of some sort for the past few days (Jumaat, Sabtu, Ahad) and as a result, ada jg cirbir, so today I waited out to monitor him. He looks much, much better now, Alhamdulillah, and I'm glad I decided to stay home with him, because he recovers much faster I think, well, he is home where he is most secured and it's quite whilst he's napping compared to if I'd dropped him off at the minder's place like usual where there are tonnes of other loud (and possibly germy) kids about too tee hee. Plus, it's fun just rolling around with a 10-month old on the mattress laid in front of the telly in the living room, NOT thinking about work. I need to have more days like these, instead of being too busy with work to appreciate my own kids... :(

Managed to make breakfast, dressed Kakak Aisyah, dropped her off at school, bathed and fed Zayd, put him for a nap, did the laundry, kemas rumah sket2, he woke up, played with him, gave him his lunch and re-bathed him (following another cirbir episode), put Zayd down for his afternoon nap again, watched a couple of re-run episodes of Friends and The Big Bang Theory on telly, cooked dinner, 'cooked' up two ideas for a Master student's project proposal and now blogging. In half an hours time I need to be out of the door for a quick meeting with a colleague before tomorrow's meeting with the students. Hopefully, Zayd would have woken up and not giving too much of a struggle getting strapped in the car seat. Phew! I feel more effective than at work, TBH. Terasa ala2 Mummy Harapan skjp haha..

Ok, here's my Little Man today. He is grinning. Very happy dpt stay home dgn Mummy hehee...

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isabelle said...

i dulu jrg EL atau amik cuti.
kdg2 rasa mcm kesian lak kat anak2. errr..anak2 x ingat kan nnt diorg besar? hehe